It's like a luffa for your paint surface!  

If you are looking for the ultimate in a deeply cleansed wet shine, add  this to is any detail the right move for you.  It goes above and beyond the surface buffing of the regular Doctor Detail Service and actually lifts out imbedded contaminants from deep within the paint. 

This is achieved by spraying the finish with a lubricant then repeatedly rubbing it with our clay bar, gently lifting out contaminants as they adhere to the clay. This leaves the finish silky smooth (it's actually noticeably smoother to the touch!) and prepares it to accept more of the feeder oils.  Because the paint can accept more oils, we add an extra blend of essential oils after our regular feeder oil step, leaving an incomparable glossy shine that you can fall into and that will outlast any other finish.  Then we seal that shine with a polymer so you can show off the envied Doctor Detail "wet look" for months to come.

The Deep Cleansing Clay Bar Treatment is the correct way to remove surface contaminants such as tree sap, rail dust, industrial fallout, paint, primer, or other contaminants.  These airborne contaminants, often carried some distance in windy conditions, come to rest on the paint surface and dry, actually bonding to the finish of your car.  This means that to polish them off using conventional methods such as buffing would cause considerable damage to your finish as a very thick layer would have to be buffed away to remove all of the contaminant and obvious swirl marks would be left behind.  The correct way to remove the bonded contaminant is to use an extensive clay process.  This is a completely non-abrasive process, in stark contrast to attempting to remove the overspray using a buffer.  

The result is a finish that not only is undamaged, but healthier, having been deeply cleansed with the clay process and thoroughly rehydrated.  The result is a deep, glossy finish with no swirl marks, free of overspray, and showing of the envied  Doctor Detail “wet look.”  

The price for this upgrade with a regular Detail Package is around $45 depending on the vehicle. See the chart below...  If the process must be used more extensively to remove a large amount of contaminant such as tree sap or overspray, prices will be quoted on an individual basis as this treatment can take anywhere from an hour to a day depending of the amount and type of contaminant.  

If you are looking to remove overspray caused by another individual or company, in many cases, the company or individual that caused the overspray or their insurance company will pick up the tab and Doctor Detail is happy to provide a written estimate and itemized receipt and explanation to facilitate this process.

What is a Clay Bar Treatment?

 Prices: X-Small $35 /Small $45 / Medium $60 / Large $75 / X-Large $95 
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