FUEL COSTS Are a Fact of Life Now...
Notice of New Travel Charges...Pressure Washer & Generators Also Use Gas! 

With the constant increase in the price of gasoline, we have been forced to add a travel charge to our pricing structure. Effective immediately there will be an additional service charge to all of our services in Southern California. This charge is per trip not per service. The mileage fee is based on the distance from our closest unit to your location (Carlsbad/Encinitas) gas is at 3.40 a gallon and pulling a trailer I get about 15 miles to the gallon, so fuel costs need to be charged. I am sorry about this but it is a fact of life now. build in the cost of chemicals (Surf City, Gloss it and Zaino)  the good stuff costs way more than most cheap commercial detail products sold to detailers today. So you can understand that we would be working for a very small amount of Labor cost (profit) after building in the cost of  fuel, chemicals, cleaners, towel service, gas for generator and pressure washer, etc... for your detail.

Distance   Rate

0-24 miles0.00
25-49 miles      $30.00
50-99 miles      $50.00
100-149 miles   $100.00
150+ miles       $175.00

Travel charges can be waived with a multiple service visit or with multiple vehicle service.

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.
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