The Dr's 911 Ultimate VIP Detail (Our Most Requested)
        Pacific Blue Wash & Wax washes your car like no other product and keeps it
        scratch-free,  the biggest danger from washing. By combining powerful, safe cleaners
        with the high lubricity of #1 Carnauba, Pacific Blue makes sure your ride gets clean 
        without scratching

  • Degrease, Steam, Dress and Detail Engine Bay and Under Hood
  • Remove Surface Dirt (Steel Brush Scrub tires and Custom Wheel Brush Rims)
  • Meticulously Clean Tires, "Entire Inside" Rim and Wheel Wells
  • 2+ Hours for Rims and Tires
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Checklist of Exactly What Gets Done

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  •  6-step Clay Bar, Wash, Compound Polish, Swirl Remove, Paint Seal, UV Finish
        The World's First Nano Precision Detailing System
        (7 hours worth of work alone)
  • Step 1: Nano-Seal Protective Coat

This part does require a bit of patience--2 hours to be exact. That's how long it takes Nano-Shine Protective Coat, our proprietary Nanoprecision Sealer, to fill 100% of the pores in your paint. These pores are so small that you'd need a super-powerful microscope just to see them. But even the smallest unsealed pores absorb light, seriously degrading your shine. Only Nano-Seal seals every single one, making your shine more brilliant than ever.

  • Step 2: Nano-Shine Glaze Coat

Only Nano-Shine's perfect combination of proprietary gloss enhancing polymers is clear coat safe and gives your car a mirror finish as smooth as glass. And this 100% Nanoprecision Gloss will keep on looking great, since dust and dirt can't adhere. Nano-Shine also makes your car easier to wash. It even keeps on working after hundreds of washings. So Shine On. You'll know the wait's been worth it.

  • Polish Headlights and Tail Lights
  • Wax and Polish Door, Trunk, Hood Jambs
  • Ultimate Glass Treatment (provides ultimate sheeting and shine)
  • Organic Lavender or Cinnamon Air Freshener
  • And a Special Gift (you will be surprised)
  • Call for Pricing & Personal Estimate
  • 9 -12 + Man Hours  first day 2+ hours second day if needed
  • Hand Dry (Micro Fiber Plush Towel Only, Shammy's  & Cheap Towels Do Scratch!)
  • "Steel Rake"  Vacuum all Interior Capets,Trunk & Mats
        on all Interior Plastic, Vinyl, Gages and Dash
  • Dry Foam Shampoo/Steam All Interior Carpet & Floor Mats 
  • Steam Clean Headliner (if needed)

         We use the best beeswax on the planet and combined it with oil-replenishing lanolin
         Voodoo Blend doesn't just rejuvenate. It conditions leather that's new, cleans leather 
         that's old and provides long-lasting waterproofing protection for both
  • Then Condition all Rubber on Door Seals

       PLUS  We Add Our Famous  Surf City's Shine On Package
       See Below
 Prices: X-Small $ 225 / Small $240 / Medium $275 / Large $350 / X-Large $425

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