The Dr's V.I.P Maintenance & Clinical Services

You get your oil changed regularly. You rotate your tires and service your transmission on a regular basis. You never let a summer go before you have your coolant changed. But did you know that your vehicle requires regular service to its paint, trim, rubber, leather and other surfaces as well?  An “express” service from your local car wash every now and then isn’t nearly sufficient to maintain your vehicle in top condition.  

Harsh elements are attacking and deteriorating your vehicles appearance thus robbing value from your vehicle. It is essential that your vehicle be routinely serviced by a competent professional detailer.

We offer a number of elite care & services to restore and/or maintain your vehicles health in like new condition. Our services are performed conveniently onsite at your location. 


Frequent washing is vital in keeping your finish in premium condition.  Our SUPER WASH is the ultimate in vehicle washing.

Using specially treated spot free water mixed with a high quality pH-balanced soap, we meticulously hand wash your vehicle to remove all traces of dirt and grime from all areas, including  the door jams and wheel-wells. Every square inch of your vehicles exterior is thoroughly and appropriately cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals. Extra care is taken not to scratch the vehicle's finish. The wheels and tires are cleaned and dressed leaving them looking like new. The interior gets a very through dusting and vacuuming. The windows are cleaned absolutely streak-free. The result of our attention to detail combined with the use of high quality products is a vehicle that looks bright and spotless.

Prices start at $30 - $45 per car, per week or bi monthly for service.*

Our SUPER-WASH service is always combined with a routine PMD. 

PMD  (Preventative Car Health/Maintenance Detail)  

If your vehicle is in very good condition and you want to keep it that way, I recommend our Preventative Maintenance Detail.  This specialized detailing service will condition and prepare your vehicle to hold up to the worst of the damaging effects of daily use. Our PMD is the supreme in vehicle preservation. Espeicially if you just invested in a detail service from us!

After we perform our meticulous full service hand wash, we pre-clean the vehicles finish of light bonded surface contaminants, such as dirt, bugs, fallout and scuffmarks. A durable Surf City Garage paint sealer / protectant is then applied to the vehicle's finish that will deepen and enhance the gloss of the paint while offering durable protection. The interior is thoroughly dusted, vacuumed, and spot shampooed as necessary. The dash, door panels, and seats are wiped down and the appropriate protection is then applied to prevent cracking and fading.  The wheels and tires are safely cleaned and dressed. The windows are cleaned for optimum clarity

The result of periodic use of our PMD service is that of a vehicle that has all of its surfaces protected and maintained in like new near perfect condition. 

Prices start at $120,  Or You Can Customize it.. Example 2X Per Month 

*Our maintenance detail is designed to be performed on your vehicle in consistent intervals to preserve it from deterioration.  This service is designed for vehicles that are in very good condition requiring a minimal amount of cleaning. This service is not for vehicles that have been neglected and/or that require deep cleaning/reconditioning, shampooing etc..



This service is for vehicles requiring some form of reconditioning to restore them to a well protected like new appearance. 

Interior - 

Our interior services completely rejuvenate your interior. This service ranges from the carpet, floor mats, and seats being spot cleaned, to thoroughly shampooing with a powerful hot water extractor that not only melts away stains and eliminates odors, but extracts (rinses) the dirt away. Leather seats and other leather surfaces are cleaned and conditioned to maintain their look and texture. All plastic and vinyl is thoroughly cleaned, then appropriately dressed to prevent cracking and fading. The dash is cleaned paying special attention to cleaning out all of the recessed areas of dust and grime. The result is a spotless, fresh interior that looks and smells new.     

Exterior -

This service restores a neglected and / or damaged paint finish to a smooth, durable, brilliant gloss. This is the service our name and reputation is built on.

Above surface contaminants such as environmental fallout, tree sap, and bonded dirt are safely removed with a CLAY BAR or  SCG Beyond Clay. Below-surface damage such as swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and stains/blemishes are addressed and corrected. Once the paint is “deep cleaned,”  we condition the paint with a polish that will restore a deep dramatic brilliant shine. After the paint looks perfect, we apply a long lasting protective coating to preserve the paint.  This is a very specialized service and usually requires "buffing" and in some extreme cases may also include "color sanding".  The result is a finish that looks absolutely exceptional and one that is well protected from the sun and other damaging effects of daily use.   

Rates for reconditioning a vehicle are determined by the type, size and condition of the vehicle and by the amount of the work required to recondition it.  We grade the difficulty of the interior and exterior separately into three levels of work, light, medium, and heavy.

We recondition most vehicles from about $240 to $600.* See 911 Ultimate VIP Detail

Show, specialty and/or exotic vehicles can be priced higher
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