• Supreme Super Hand Wash We Use 2 Buckets see video this page
        Gloss it  & Pacific Blue Wash & Wax washes your car like no other product and keeps it
        scratch-free,  the biggest danger from washing. By combining powerful, 
        safe cleaners with the high lubricity of #1 Carnauba, Pacific Blue makes sure your ride 
        gets clean without scratching.

  • Remove Surface Dirt (Steel Brush Scrub tires and Custom Wheel Brush Rims)
  • Hand Dry (Micro Fiber Plush Towel Only)  
  • Check & Light Clean Door Jams
  • "Steel Rake"  Vacuum all  Interior Carpets & Mats 
  • Micro FiberWipe Down of All Interior Appointments
  • Dry Foam Shampoo Your Floor Mats Only
        Island Blend on All Painted Surfaces and Remove then...
  • Organic Lavender or Cinnamon Aroma Therapy Scents
  • 3 - 5 +  Man Hours depending on your size vehicle

 Emergency CPR " The Express" Detail
Starting at $89!
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