• Supreme Super Hand Wash We Use 2 Buckets (see video this page)
        Gloss it & Pacific Blue Wash & Wax washes your car like no other product and keeps it
        scratch-free,  the biggest danger from washing. By combining powerful, 
        safe cleaners with the high lubricity of #1 Carnauba, Pacific Blue makes sure your ride 
        gets clean without scratching.

        Remove Road Dirt (Steel Brush Scrub tires and Custom Wheel Brush Rims)
  • Hand Dry (A Big Micro Fiber Plush Towel Only)
  • Check & Light Clean Door Jams (no spots!)
  • "Steel Rake"  Vacuum all Interior Caprets & Mats
  • Micro Fiber Wipe Down Interior, Gages and Dash
  • Finish With Organic Lavender or Cinnamon Air Freshener
  • 1. 5 - 2  Man Hours  

NOTE: I know you see the $65, But have you ever done a hummer or Ford Excursion yourself? Lots of Paint, Windows and Usually Kids on the inside! 2 - 2.5 hours is how long it takes! Remember I Wax each car in this package by hand, see the speed demon link above.
First Aid is One Awesome Car Wash/Mini Detail
Weekly & Bi Monthly Services Available Learn More
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Xtra Small  $25 / Small $30  /  Medium  $35 /  Large  $45  /  X-Large $65
Minimum 2 Cars at your location, becasue of gas prices and time involved. 

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