Pacific Blue Wash & Wax washes your car like no other product and keeps it
        scratch-free,  the biggest danger from washing. By combining powerful, safe cleaners
        with the high lubricity of #1 Carnauba, Pacific Blue makes sure your ride gets clean 
        without scratching

  • Remove Surface Dirt (Steel Brush Scrub tires and Custom Wheel Brush Rims)
        Meticulously Clean Tires and Rims and Wheel Wells
  • Hand Dry (Micro Fiber Plush Towel OnlyShammy's  and cheap towels do scratch!)
  • "Steel Rake" Vacuum all Interior Carpet, Trunk & Mats
  • Micro Fiber Towel Wipe Down Interior, Gages and Dash
        Dash Away Interior Spray Cleans Every Space Leaves No Trace
        on all Interior Leather, Plastic, Vinyl, Gages and Dash
  • Dry Foam Shampoo Your Carpets & Floor Mats 
  • Yes We'll Clean/Wax Door, Trunk and Hood Jams
  • Steam Clean Headliner (if needed)
  • Organic Lavender or Cinnamon Aroma Therapy Drops
The Dr.'s "Annual Check Up" Detail Special
Starting at only...
 Zaino is a versatile system of car care products that exceed the expectations of car care enthusiasts worldwide. For easy to use, technologically advanced, award winning, industry leading shine and protection, 
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  • Zaino Z-A10 All Your Painted Surfaces. With an emulsifying cleaner and 
          very mild abrasive, Z-AIO gently cleans and protects while effectively enhancing light 
          refraction and reflectivity for remarkable results. The advanced polymeric substructures
          within Z-AIO produces optically perfect layers to all paint types, yet also provides
          excellent adhesion and detergent resistance, resulting in a strong and glossy layer of 
           polymer based synthetic protection. We then follow up on all surfaces with...
  • Condition all Rubber on Door Seals
  • Detail Engine Bay
  • 6 Man Hours For a Small Size up to 12 Hours for X Large

 Prices: X-Small $149 / Small $169 / Medium $195 / Large $240 / X-Large $275

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