à la carte Services
     Exterior Only Detail 

  • Thorough Hand Washing of Entire Vehicle
  • Bug and Tar Removal
  • Rims & Tires Cleaned and Dressed
  • Wheel-Wells  Scrubed Cleaned
  • Streak and Lint Free Exterior Windows / Mirrors
  • Plush Micro Towel Dried
  • Removal of Light Scratches and Oxidation
  • Paint Polished to Brilliant Shine
  • Streak Free Windows and Mirrors
Interior Details (Like New!)

  • Steel Rake Vacuuming All Mats / Seats / Trunk
  • Shampoo & Heated Extraction of Carpet and Floor Mats
  • Detailed Cleaning of Center Console and Cup Holders
  • Meticulous Cleaning / Dressing of Dash
  • All Leather and Vinyl Will Be Brought Back to Life
         By Scrubbing all the Dirt With Our Custom Power Brushes
         Then Treated With Voodoo Leather Cleaner
  • Q-Tip Dusting of  all Air Vents
  • Removal of Dirt, Water Spots and Gunk from Door Jambs
  • Streak Free Windows and Mirrors

(3 Stages of Cleaning) = Time Spent on the Inside to clean to perfection "like new" condition

  • Light- its dirty but doesn't need massive scrubbing! (Prices as marked)

  • Medium- you have not cleaned in a year or more.(Add $30) Just your steering wheel alone will have so much dirt embedded, seats will, carpets need to be done
  • with machine as pictured to the right

  • Heavy (Add $60) dog hair, many stains and spills, beach sand,  Steering wheel dirt and grime, fingernail polish on seats, headliner, carpets.
Prices: X-Small $109 /Small $135 / Medium $165 / Large $185 / X-Large $219
Prices: X-Small $80 /Small $99 2- 3 Hours / Medium $130 4 Hours  / Large $150 = 5 Man Hours / X-Large $185
Exterior/Interior Protective Coatings
Ultimate Paint Protection against:

  • Oxidation and fading caused by the sun’s powerful ultra-violet rays
  • Corrosion caused by sea and road salt, acid rain, and industrial fallout
  • Discoloration caused by bird droppings and tree sap, acid rain, water spotting,   industrial fallout and insect damage

Perma Plate? Is it worth it.... DONT SPEND $500 - $900 at the Dealership.. I will show you right now at the links below HOW MUCH it really costs, and the COMMMENTS about it (you do the research, I will provide the labor!)

Pricing: coming soon
al la carte Services: Engine Clean
Engine cleaning: Getting rid of motor muck!

When cleaning your car, you normally think in terms of washing the outside and sprucing up the interior. How about under the hood? There are a number of practical reasons to include engine cleaning in your regular maintenance.

Let's start with what you will need to do the job. First off, we should point out that there is no magic cleaner that will simply dissolve all of the hardened oil and grease off your engine. (If it's strong enough to do that, then it will probably dissolve some important engine parts as well.) All of the common cleaners and degreasers require you to do some scrubbing. Maybe even a lot of scrubbing. Some of the best cleaners available are the "environmentally friendly" type. They work very well and they don't kill you when you breathe some of the fumes.

Call Doctor Detail Mobile Detailing to keep your vehicle's appearance looking its best

Clay Bar Treatment (This Makes All The Difference For My Clients)  Includes Super Blue Wash, and  Nano Sealant

Have you ever drawn your hand across your hood just after washing expecting smoothness only to feel lots of little bumps and bits of dirt everywhere? Late – model paints are harder than enamels (especially the clear-coat), and will show evidence of abuse quickly. Tiny bits of sharp stuff like dust and metal fragments can stick into
the clear-coat and normal washing won't remove them. If you don't get rid of them it might spell doom for your paint. A great way to remove those contaminates is by utilizing a clay bar service.

What a clay bar does is pull out and shear off embedded particles and surface-born contaminants with a safe and effective lubricated mechanical action. The clay bar must be sliding on a lubricant (I can not stress the use of a lubricant enough)or it will stick to the paint and, in a worst case scenario, literally burn a hole in your vehicle's finish.

So in other words if you aren't a professional and would like a professional finish to your vehicles appearance contact Doctor Detail Mobile Detailing & Car Was to book a clay bar service today. Add to any of our services (Exception is our 911 Ultimate VIP Package which includes the Clay Bar Treatment)
Prices: X-Small $35 /Small $45 / Medium $60 / Large $75 / X-Large $95
Services:  Motorcycle Detailing
(Motorcycle Detailing, Choppers, Street Bikes, Trikes)

Complete Detail - Starts @ $89.99 and up

  - Wash & degrease bike.
  - Remove bugs and tar.
  - Clean, polish & detail the frame.
  - Clean, polish & detail rims and spokes.
  - Clean, polish & wax the fenders.
  - Clean, polish & wash the gas tank.
  - Clean & detail the instrument clusters.
  - Clean & condition all leather
  - Clean and polish exaust pipes.

Please ask Ingo or your area rep for more information and pricing.

Call Doctore Detail Mobile Detailing Now to keep your motorcycle's appearance looking its best.

Doctor Detail will properly wash your aircraft, using only aviation grade cleaning products.

You can choose the level of cleaning you want, from a simple exterior wash to complete detailing.

  • $350.00 for single engine aircraft
  • $450.00 for small twin
  • Wash Only: call for pricing

  • For Turbine up to Cessna Conquest – Price on Request

  • Includes complete exterior wash and underbelly de-grease.

  • Compound wax revitalizes dull paint and removes oxidation.

  • Permatex windows- removes tiny scratches and helps rain bead off.

  • BF Goodrich Shinemaster applied to all de-ice boots.

* Interior vacuum, cleaning, leather rejuvination,scrubbing and polsihing where and when needed, dust glareshield, clean windows, ashtrays. Spot removal when applicable.
$14 per foot