Established in 1983 while I was a student-athlete at UNLV,  I needed some extra cash as most college students do. I still remember the first 3 cars I detailed, if you meet me remind me to tell you the story, it's pretty incredible! After I finished school  the discipline of "clean" later became a business/hobby/therapy until this day. I even taught a probation department sponsored class in the fine art of auto detailing for an elite and unique group of young men at Rancho San Antonio Boys Home  In Chatsworth, Calif.  Later on, I went to partner with Greg Dumond of Polish Masters of America (Now Called National Detailing Co) to take the detailing franchise business national.  Our company built custom detail trailer and truck units in all forms. We sold various packages to future detailers, then we trained  the new franchisee's  in the fine arts of detailing, at our "hands on training academy" in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

I have over three decades of collective knowledge and experience that give me a unique advantage in providing professional detailing services to my community at large.  I am able to provide the most value and innovation per dollar spent by providing a satisfaction guarantee for every detailing service provided.

Dr Detail is now my part-time hobby/business and provides professional mobile car washing Super Blue mini details and  Ultimate 911-VIP detailing services anywhere in the San Diego, Palm Springs and all Southern California areas.  Regardless of your busy schedule, the convenience and flexibility of  our Elite Auto Detailing services  provides you with the professional automotive detailing your vehicle deserves at a competitive price you can afford.  

We can clean virtually any vehicle, any time, anywhere.  We are also able to offer special pricing for multi-car, corporate, and commercial fleet business. Services offered range from our First Aid Supreme Super Blue Mini Detail to our most popular 911 Ultimate VIP  Auto Spa Detail. We provide fleet services, packaged plans, car shows, Limo, RV,  Motorcycle,  Golf Cart, Boat, Yacht, and Airplane detailing services

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 Ingo G. Logé M.D. 
(Master Detailer)
"Ingo-you treat my cars as though they were yours; thank you!"

Tanya B.
Carlsbad, CA 

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The Wax M.D. Is Going Green! We all live here on Planet Earth together. To do our part we now use a "waterless" car wash when needed and are converting many of our other cleaning products to a superior green detailing company and its product line, Eco Touch.  Benefits of making our WATERLESS transition to you and our environment: Natural cleaning products with no harsh chemicals = better planet for the next generation. 

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